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3000 mesh fluorite powder processing technology flow introduction

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-24

Fluorspar in industry, aviation, medicine, machinery and many other uses, but the natural fluorspar mill can not be used to apply, need to be ground into powder through the fluorspar mill, used in all walks of life, but if the fluorspar can not be ground to 3,000 mesh, the scope of its application will be small.

Fluorite contains fluorine, so fluorite is used to produce hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid can be used to produce aluminum fluoride, artificial cryolite; in the glass industry, fluorite can be used as a melting agent to promote the melting of glass raw materials and so on. Of course, they need to be processed by fluorite mill. Natural fluorspar by crushing equipment for coarse crushing, crushing the finished product size in 30-40mm, and then into the fine crushing equipment to less than 5mm fine material, add water and mixing to make the content of 25% of the slurry, and then use the spiral separator to separate out the fluorspar material, and then into the fluorspar mill grinding process. 3000 mesh this number of quality has been very fine, like some of the output of the fluorite mill is not in the mainstream manufacturers may not meet the needs of users. And for some of the strength, the strength of the manufacturers of high strength milling factory produced fluorspar mill will be able to reach. For example, the ultrafine mill produced by Liming Heavy Industry can reach 3000 mesh.

Fluorspar Grinding Mill

Fluorspar Grinding Mill

Liming Heavy Industry through the hard work of mill engineers, newly developed and put into production fluorite mill in fluorite crushing, the production of 100-3250 mesh fineness of product energy consumption is lower, the system is stable and reliable, the whole production process product quality is more stable and uniform, the particle size distribution is more reasonable, according to the varieties, specifications and flexible choice. Liming Heavy Industry welcomes you to consult 3000 mesh fluorite grinding machine details online.

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