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How to choose dolomite grinding machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-04

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, respectively iron dolomite and manganese dolomite. The crystals are shaped like calcite and are often rhombohedral. When exposed to cold dilute hydrochloric acid, it slowly foams. Some dolomites emit an orange-red light when exposed to negative rays. Dolomite is the main mineral component that makes up dolomite and dolomitic chert. It is widely used in building materials, ceramics, glass, refractories, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other fields. It is mainly used in alkaline refractories and blast furnace ironmaking, calcium and magnesium phosphate fertilizer and magnesium sulfate production; production of glass and ceramic raw materials. Applications also include fluxes used in conjunction with tire glaze. Some ancient northern kilns, such as the Ding kilns, often added dolomite to their tire glazes, and Jingdezhen added dolomite to certain colored glazes, requiring the support of a dolomite mill.

Ore Grinding Machine

Ore Grinding Machine

Dolomite powder is pure white, insoluble in water, relative density of 2.5, chemically stable, nature of the slippery feeling, dolomite powder as a plastic filler, can improve the hardness of the product, refractory, acid and alkali resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability. Mainly used in plastics, rubber, cable, paint, coatings, ceramics and other industries. If used in rubber, it can increase the volume of rubber, improve the processing performance, improve the processing performance of plastics, improve the heat resistance of plastics, as well as adjust the hardness of rubber; in plastics, it can increase the volume of plastics, reduce the cost of the product, improve the dimensional stability of plastics, improve the hardness and hardness of plastics, improve the heat resistance of plastics, and improve the light-diffusing property of plastics; exterior wall insulation mortar, putty powder, ball factory lawn self-leveling mortar, epoxy flooring, exterior latex paint, real stone paint, fiberglass reinforced plastic sandwiched pipe, plastics, rubber, paint and so on.

It can be seen that the application of dolomite market prospects are very broad. As a supplier of comprehensive solutions for grinding equipment, Liming Heavy Industry has been specializing in non-metallic mine processing for nearly 40 years, and has rich experience in dolomite processing. Dolomite powdering is generally divided into two types of dolomite coarse powder processing and fine powder processing, generally choose sand making machine and LM vertical mill can.

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