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Difference between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher Comparison

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-07

Cone crusher and impact crusher are usually used as the second crusher in gravel production line. So what is the difference between the two crusher machines or how to choose? The following is a detailed description of the similarities and differences between cone and impact.

1. Comparison of the working principle of cone crusher and impact crusher: by laminating and destroying the cone, the rolling wall moves continuously to the crushed wall, and the material sandwiched between the two is crushed. Adopting the principle of reverse crushing, the material is crushed and broken repeatedly between the hammer and the counterattack.

2. Comparison of crushing materials between cone crusher and impact crusher: Cone crusher can crush all kinds of ores and rocks above medium hardness. Such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebbles and so on. Impact crusher is more suitable for crushing some harder and brittle materials, such as limestone, limestone, clinker, slag, broken glass, calcium salt, clay ore, building materials, coke, coal and other crushing operations.

impact crusher

impact crusher

3. Comparison of application fields of cone crusher and impact crusher: Cone crusher is suitable for crushing raw materials in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industries. The crushing process of the impact crusher utilizes the impact effect and therefore has a selective crushing function. If used in the mineral processing industry, it is easy to break down the ore and promote the selection of concentrates. It is mainly used in stone production line for medium and fine crushing operations.

4. Comparison of product advantages between cone crusher and impact crusher: Advantages of cone crusher: crushing between two cones is used for crushing, large crushing ratio, high efficiency, hard material crushing wear, low consumption, low maintenance cost, low cost, good ore crushing effect. The product particle size is uniform, suitable for a variety of ores and rocks in the fine crushing, so the cone is commonly used in large-scale high-yield production line. Advantages of Impact Crusher: It utilizes the impact energy of the plate hammer to crush, adjusts the gap between the counterattack and the rotor to change the particle size and shape of the discharge, and can be coarsely ground and shaped. Simple structure, large crushing ratio, large output. Light weight, low energy consumption, high output, good appearance of the finished product (cubic), small angle, high strength of the finished product, is the necessary equipment for the production of gravel.

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