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Analysis of common large crusher types and working principle

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-21

Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is a crushing machine which utilizes the squeezing and bending action of two jaw plates on the materials to crush various hardness materials roughly or moderately. The crushing mechanism consists of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, when the two jaw plates are close to the material is crushed, when the two jaw plates leave the material smaller than the discharge opening from the bottom of the material discharged, its crushing action is intermittent. This kind of crusher has simple structure, easy maintenance, easy replacement of crushing plate, and is widely used by users.

large capacity crusher

large capacity crusher

Gyratory crusher: Gyratory crusher is a large crushing machine which utilizes the rotary motion of crushing cone in the cone cavity in the shell to produce extrusion and splitting and bending effect on the materials, and roughly crushes rocks of various hardness. The crushing cone makes eccentric gyratory movement around the center line of the machine, and its crushing action is continuous, so it has high working efficiency. Its advantages are large crushing capacity, less liner wear; smooth operation, low noise.

Cone Crusher: The working principle of cone crusher is basically the same as that of gyratory crusher, and it is suitable for medium or fine crushing operation. Now the multi-cylinder cone crusher has improved the crushing cavity, the product particle shape has been greatly changed, and the needle flake has been reduced, which is the ideal equipment to realize "more crushing and less grinding".

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