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What causes the stone sand making machine clogging problem

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-22

In the production process of the stone sand making machine, due to the discharge of materials too slow or the discharge port is blocked, may cause obstacles to the discharge of materials from the stone sand making machine. So there is a large amount of material blocked in the crushing cavity;

Voltage is too low: unstable voltage will lead to uneven and discontinuous feeding of the stone sand making machine, if the feeding is not uniform, when the feeding speed is greater than the discharge speed, in the crushing chamber and discharge port will form a blockage, the crushed product can not be discharged in time, and the material is constantly added to the equipment, and eventually make the equipment blockage phenomenon, serious cases cause the equipment does not bear the heavy load of the machine shutdown.

sand making machine

sand making machine

Serious wear and tear of wearing parts: The equipment mainly utilizes the hammer head for crushing, at the same time, the hammer head is also the wearing parts of the equipment, in its use for a period of time will appear wear and tear phenomenon, if not found in time, when encountering hard materials, the hammer head can not be completely crushed, resulting in the material can not be discharged in time, and at this time there is a new material into the material, the phenomenon of material jamming will occur;

Conveyor conveying capacity exceeds the crushing capacity: when the conveyor conveying capacity and stone sand making machine crushing capacity does not match, the material in the absence of crushing at the same time the back of the material and quickly dumped into the stone sand making machine, resulting in crushing untimely occurrence of clogging; Triangle belt loosening inappropriate: the production process of this equipment is to rely on the triangular belt will be the power transmission to the groove wheel and then crushing the stone material. When the triangle transmission belt is loose, it will cause a slippery situation, rotating with the groove wheel instead of driving the groove wheel. The material can't be crushed by normal crushing force, and can't be crushed in the crushing chamber, and then the phenomenon of material blockage occurs.

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