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How to do the dust removal measures in the crushed stone production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-27

1, in order to reduce the dust caused by the crusher shell leakage, in the actual production, when the material is dry, often in the crusher inlet water, the results exacerbate the bag filter bag paste bag and the downcomer clogging. 

2, dust into the dust collector pipeline, the elbow at the inlet pipe so that the system resistance increases, the elbow part is easy to be dust wear and clogging. The use of screw conveyor and compartment wheel to transport the dust captured by the bag filter, crusher! Increased power consumption, mechanical maintenance workload; often need to dismantle the compartmentalized wheel downcomer, over time, to dismantle the compartmentalized wheel downcomer roll crushing downcomer flange leakage, machine mechanical maintenance workload; often need to exacerbate the air leakage of the dust hopper. 

stone crushing line

stone crushing line

3, air and materials together into the closed dust cover, dusty gas through the cover wall gaps and orifices to the cover outside the diffusion, pollution of the environment. In addition, due to the improper setting of the dust removal point at the corner of the belt conveyor, the dust collector, whether on or off, has almost no effect on the dust raised by the fall of the lower belt conveyor. Therefore, since the operation of the crusher, the dust collector has not been running, the lower belt conveyor has been in the dust filled. 

When the humidity of the crushed material is large (after rain or material drenching), the dust particles entering the dust collector of the roller crusher are thicker than the crushed dry material, the bag filter is easy to paste the bag, the downcomer is easy to block, the roller crusher leads to the substantial increase in the ventilation resistance of the bag filter, the ventilation capacity decreases, and the dust is serious.

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