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What is included in a complete set of granite crushing production line with an output of 500 tons per hour

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-04

How many tons of granite crusher plant can be produced in one hour for a full set of granite crusher plant? Granite is also one of the main raw materials for construction sand, is a good cornerstone for construction, with the high yield requirements of industry, granite processing output requirements are getting bigger and bigger, for the grading of the stone and sand is also getting more and more strict, the hourly output of 500 tons of granite is one of the businessmen to configure more equipment models.

stone crushing line

stone crushing line

Granite can use high energy jaw crusher as primary crushing equipment, into the impact crusher as secondary crushing stone shaping. Mixed material after secondary crushing and shaping into the 3YK2670 vibrating screen to do primary screening, unqualified large material back to the PF1315 impact crusher, screen a finished material, screen mixed material into the second vibrating screen 2YK2670 to do secondary screening. The finished stone material from the second screening is stacked with belt conveyor.

Liming heavy work as a large domestic stone crusher and stone sand making machine manufacturers, granite equipment types and models are more, mainly based on the output and granite stone sub use to configure the granite production line, the purpose is to use less investment costs to achieve good results and create greater value, about the price of granite crusher and other issues, you can directly click on the online consulting, the professional staff for you to answer!

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