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Crushing processing processing granite production line equipment selection

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-05

Granite as one of the important raw materials for artificial sand production, in the field of sand production, to make up for the lack of natural sand, the majority of customers in the choice of equipment, at first many will be confused, do not know which crusher is the most suitable, so began to check the Internet, telephone consulting those crusher manufacturers, so as to have an accurate positioning.

Granite sand which those equipment is more appropriate? First of all, it is necessary to have an understanding of the stone material granite. Granite (Granite), one of the main constituent rocks of the earth's crust, is a kind of magma condensed below the surface of the formation of igneous rocks, the main components are feldspar, quartz and black and white mica. Its high hardness, wear-resistant, in addition to being used as a high-level architectural decoration projects, hall floor, or the preferred material for open-air carving. Second, is to combine their own actual situation

stone crushing line

stone crushing line

Customers in considering what kind of equipment to choose, first of all, to have a clear understanding of their own situation and positioning! Explained some, do business is to make money, so first of all to calculate the finished product side of the profit margin is how big, which includes, raw materials side of the price, electricity, transportation unit cost, labor prices, wearing parts. In general, raw materials and electricity account for about sixty percent of the production costs. Selection of equipment, combined with their actual situation, such as: granite assay parameters, the requirements of the output, the size of the finished product requirements, etc., and then the manufacturer will combine with their own actual situation, configure the production line program for them.

Combined with the raw material particle size, output requirements, configure a reasonable type of equipment, which a broken as the name suggests is the jaw crusher, the second broken recommended the use of high-efficiency composite cone crusher, because granite is relatively hard, so in the case of funds allow, cone crusher is the first choice, the tertiary crushing is also the sand maker, you need to use the sand maker, Liming PCL sand maker (Impact Crusher), using the principle of combining the rock and stone, and fully reduce the susceptibility to damage, the sand maker is the most suitable for the production line, which can be used in the production line. Liming PCL sand making machine (impact crusher) adopts the principle of stone to stone and stone to iron, which fully reduces the wear and tear of wearing parts and maximizes the cost saving for customers. Liming PCL sand making machine, compared with other manufacturers, incorporates more humanized design, which makes the operation convenient, brief and safe, saves time and improves the efficiency!

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