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Types of equipment often used in limestone crushing production line

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-11

Limestone belongs to the materials that are easy to be crushed, one of them is the low hardness (4~5 grade), and the other one is the very low silica content. Therefore, the production cost of stone plant with limestone as raw material is relatively much lower. Therefore, the limestone crushing production line we can directly use the jaw crusher plus impact crusher program, both can get a very good stone particle size, the wear parts of the crusher can also have a long service life. Usually, a pair of jaws used for one or two years is a very normal situation. 

stone crushing production line

stone crushing production line

Another factor we also need to consider, due to the relative ease of limestone crushing performance, the use of impact crusher for crushing will produce more powder. This is due to the impact crushing characteristics of the impact crusher is determined. If the customer's market does not require high granularity of stone, two-stage jaw crusher can be used to reduce the proportion of powder, but also relatively reduce some investment costs. The scheduling of the specific process can be determined after analyzing the actual situation of the customer.

Due to the easy crushing characteristics of limestone, the composite crusher is usually used for single crushing in the cement plant which takes limestone as raw material. The composite crusher is used to head crushing limestone directly, and the particle size after crushing can reach below 10~20mm. Such a crushing method is to crush limestone to a smaller size as possible, without considering the particle size problem. At the same time, such crushing method will produce a large amount of powder, which is not very matter for the stone plant which mainly focuses on building stone.

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