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Screening of sand and gravel aggregates with different grain sizes

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-17

Due to the lack of natural sand, resulting in China's construction industry does not give, gravel production line research and development is to be able to make the mechanism of sand gradually replace the lack of natural sand so as to become the main force in the gravel industry in the production of gravel production line equipment needs to be used in the screening equipment, then I do not know what you have such an understanding of the screening equipment, the next Liming Heavy Industry to talk to you about this issue.

screening equipment

screening equipment

Because the composition of sand particles in any natural sand deposit, it is impossible to meet the grading specification requirements. So when the production of sand and gravel aggregate, often take the following measures: ① coarse and fine sand mixed in appropriate proportions, so that it meets the grading specifications; ② when the original sand material of a range of coarse grain size, the coarse and fine grading out, and then grind the coarse grading and then mixing mixing; ③ if the sand resources are plentiful, the original sand particles are divided into several grain sizes, discarding some of these grain sizes in the excess, and then mixed mixing mixing. If you adjust the grading with rod mill or bucket wheel grading control machine, the classifier role is weakened and changed to washing operation.

Sand and gravel production line coarse and fine sand or grading grade mixing, the appropriate process is to have a measuring device adjustable feeding system, blending to the screening system mixing. If mixed on the tape machine, often do not get uniform graded sand products. In the production and sale of sand production line equipment has many years of experience, so many years we have been in the production of sand production line equipment has always been diligent, just to produce more and better products.

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