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What are the common failures in the operation of stone crushing production line?

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-30

Although the stone production line configuration is becoming more and more standardized, but in the production process only a balanced collaboration between the various stone production line configurations can make the whole stone production line stable and efficient production.

As we all know, the stone production line is composed of equipment with different characteristics. Different stone production line equipment has different functions, the crusher is mainly crushing stone function, conveyor belt and feeder is mainly to realize the connection of the stone production line and the function of material transportation, screening equipment is mainly for grading stone processing. Now in order to improve product quality and protect the environment needs, usually in the composition of the stone production line is equipped with stone washing machine, dust removal equipment.

stone crushing line

stone crushing line

So if the stone production line above these configurations with the problem will be what? For example, if the feeding and conveying of the stone production line can not be synchronized, then it will cause the whole stone production line blockage. At the same time, if the feeding is too fierce, it will also cause great damage to the crushing equipment in the stone production line, seriously affecting the efficiency of the whole stone production line. So before putting into production, it is necessary to control the mutual cooperation of each configuration in the stone production line.

Of course, I believe that with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the crushing industry, the automation and centralized control of the stone production line will be better and better, but before that, we ourselves should control the balance between all the configurations of the stone production line!

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