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The price of sand washing machine equipment in wet sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-10

Whether it is natural sand or mechanism sand, it is inseparable from sand washing machine equipment. In major building materials, highways, railroads and other infrastructure projects, it is imperative to improve the quality and purity of sand. Speaking of sand washing, environmental protection is the "killer app" of sand washing equipment, environmental protection, everything is free to talk, a small set of environmentally friendly sand washing equipment needs to be configured with the appropriate dust removal, spraying, noise reduction devices, etc., to improve environmental performance in all aspects, in order to "stand firm in the market ". With the development needs of the times, environmentally friendly water washing sand equipment has become a more popular machine. Then configure a whole environmental protection water washing sand machine equipment how much? Liming heavy industry detailed analysis to everyone.

How much does it cost to configure a whole environmental protection type water washing sand machine equipment?

Environmental protection sand washing machine equipment, is a combination of the actual situation of the industry development, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, mainly for the mechanism of sand, stone powder, mountain sand and other materials for cleaning, which will be soil and sand and stone separation, to achieve the purpose of purification, can be used instead of natural sand in various fields, which purchase an environmental protection sand washing machine equipment prices in the 2-300,000 yuan, why would cause such a difference? Its factors are the following.

Wheel bucket sand washing machine

Wheel bucket sand washing machine

1, the type of equipment

Bucket type water sand washing machine is mainly composed of gears, reducer, bracket, sedimentation tank, impeller, pulley, motor and other parts, the structure design is scientific and reasonable, easy to maintain; almost no wearing parts, long service life; less loss of medium and fine sand and stone powder, high recovery rate; high quality of finished products, can meet the requirements of high standard construction sand.

Spiral water sand washing machine is mainly composed of transmission device, spiral body, trough body, lifting mechanism, motor, pulley, lower support (shaft tile) and discharge valve. It can clean materials within 30mm.

Spiral sand washing machine

Spiral sand washing machine

2、Equipment model

To say how much a piece of environmental protection water washing sand equipment, in fact, 5-10 million, 30-50 million are available, because there are a variety of water washing sand equipment models (specific table below), 50 tons per hour, 100 tons, 200 tons are available to meet the different needs of everyone, and the motor power is not quite the same, so the price of water washing sand equipment is not the same. According to the customer's needs to configure different equipment models, and subsequently determine the price of equipment or according to the customer's configuration.

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