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How to treat the waste slag after blast furnace ironmaking can be reused

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-11

How to deal with slag waste after blast furnace ironmaking to achieve resource recycling, with the concept of green development is deeply rooted, the proper treatment of slag waste has become a topic of concern for many people. Today we will tell you how to deal with the slag waste after the blast furnace ironmaking is good? Blast furnace ironmaking slag grinding with what grinding machine environmental protection?

Blast furnace ironmaking slag can be well recycled after deep processing

1、Understanding blast furnace slag

Blast furnace slag is a kind of waste slag discharged from the blast furnace when smelting pig iron, is a fusible mixture, consisting of pebbles, ash, flux and other impurities that can not enter the pig iron. The composition of blast furnace slag differs depending on the raw material and process.

2、Blast furnace slag use

Blast furnace slag can be used to produce slag cement, used to make high-performance concrete admixture, used in the production of inorganic coatings, production of slag fiber, used in road engineering, can be used as railroad road slag, can use water quenched blast furnace slag to make baking-free bricks, etc.

Production test surface, slag powder used in cement and concrete, not only can greatly reduce the production cost, but also can improve the performance and quality of cement and concrete, greatly recognized and welcomed by the building materials market.

Slag Vertical Mill

Slag Vertical Mill

How to treat blast furnace slag

Slag grinding is the more common treatment, after the mill grinding to the right fineness as a cementitious material added to concrete and mortar, has the advantage of improving various properties of concrete such as compressive, tensile, shear and bending resistance, replacing about 50% of cement.

Blast furnace slag grinding environmental protection equipment - lm vertical environmental protection mill

Blast furnace slag grinding equipment recommended here Leming Heavy Industry's mill, LM slag vertical mill, this equipment comes with drying function, powder fineness can be adjusted, high grinding efficiency, high output, compact layout, recognized by customers in the market.

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