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What are the uses of waste cement blocks after crushing and processing, and which crushing equipment has high efficiency

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-13

As we all know, in Zhengzhou, road repair is very common. In fact, this is also a manifestation of a city's economic development. The abandoned cement blocks are mainly the waste stones caused by the reconstruction of urban roads and highways, etc. In Zhengzhou, there are a large number of cement roads to be renovated and improved every year, leaving more and more abandoned cement blocks, so can the abandoned cement blocks be crushed and processed? What can the crushed stone be used for? What equipment is suitable for processing? This article will be introduced in detail.

Can waste cement blocks be crushed and processed? The answer is yes, as long as the reprocessing with professional equipment, it will be crushed into smaller size sand (0-5mm), stone (5-10mm, 10-15mm, 15-30mm), etc. The waste cement block will become a valuable resource with low cost and high value, which is a very good business opportunity. It can also solve the problem of construction waste siege, realize the recycling of resources and protect the ecological environment.

What can the crushed and processed stones be used for?Cement blocks crushed into stone also have great uses:.

1. The residue in the waste cement block can be used for road construction, pile filler, foundation foundation, etc.

2. Waste steel, scrap steel and other scrap metal materials in waste cement blocks can be reused directly or processed back into other finished products.

3. After recycling, cement blocks are commonly used in the manufacture of environmental protection bricks, insulation materials, insulation walls on the periphery of walls, dry-mixed mortar, etc.

4. The concrete it contains can be processed into recycled aggregates for the preparation of recycled concrete, etc.

What are the crushing machines for crushing cement blocks? From the type of equipment, there are two types of equipment selected to crush cement blocks, one is fixed crushing production line, and the other is a movable crusher.

mobile crushing plant

mobile crushing plant

A. Fixed crusher selection

There are three types of fixed machines for crushing cement blocks, which are coarse crushing: jaw crusher, medium crushing equipment: impact crusher, cone crusher, fine crushing and shaping equipment: vertical shaft impact crusher. Supporting equipment are: feeder, conveyor belt, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, etc.

B. Mobile crusher selection - simple installation, flexible, convenient and fast (recommended)

Tire type mobile break: coarse crushing mobile break, medium and fine crushing and screening, independent operation combination, fine crushing and shaping and screening, fine crushing and sand washing, three combinations, four combinations of mobile crushers.

Fixed crusher overall cost is lower than the mobile crusher, if the ore location is fixed can choose a fixed solution, if you want to move easily, not subject to terrain, space constraints, flexible transfer, you can choose the mobile crusher.

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