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The equipment chosen for crushing and processing granite, and whether the sand made of granite is good or not

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-14

Granite is a very popular raw material for the mechanism of sand, but due to its own characteristics, high hardness itself is difficult to crush, it will be asked the common jaw crusher on the market can crush the difficult to crush granite? I heard that granite can also make sand, so the sand made of granite is good to sell?

Why is it more difficult to crush granite?

1、In the mineral particles that constitute granite, 90% are feldspar and quartz. These two minerals are very hard and hard to move with a steel knife. This makes granite very hard;

2, the density of granite is very high, its mineral particles are closely interwoven, so to speak, embedded with each other, and the pores account for less than 1% of the granite size. This makes granite resistant to pressure, not easy to corrode, also not easy to be penetrated by water, wear-resistant.

Although granite is very strong and wear-resistant, difficult to crush, but as long as you choose the right crushing equipment, crushing granite will become easy, the following is a recommended jaw crusher.

Crushing Stone Sand Making Production Line

Crushing Stone Sand Making Production Line

Jaw crusher is the coarse crushing crusher we often see in the crushing production line, not only granite these hard rocks, basic common ores can choose jaw crusher for coarse crushing, both soft and hard.

Jaw crusher crushing material was compressive strength of 320MPa, suitable for granite with strong compressive ability; and the crushing ratio is large, high production efficiency; deep cavity crushing, also makes the equipment feeding capacity increased; the adjustment range of discharge opening is large, can meet the production needs of different users.

Is the sand made of granite good for sale? The sand made of granite can be sold at a good price, mainly from the characteristics of granite itself and market demand.

1、Granite is stable and wearable, which meets the standard of sand for construction

Granite has high density and will not change due to temperature and air changes; it has high corrosiveness; and granite has good abrasion resistance; high compressive strength, good chemical stability, strong durability and can be processed in various ways; the main components of granite, feldspar and quartz, are also better raw materials for mechanism sand.

2、Granite sand market demand is large, good sales

As the natural sand is getting less and less, the market demand for mechanism sand becomes more and more large, and China's granite mineral resources are extremely rich, large reserves, many varieties, distribution is also very wide, can meet the large demand for mechanism sand. A granite sand making plant in Anyang, Henan, can produce 1000 tons a day, and the price of each ton of sand is more than 100 yuan, with good sales and high profit.

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