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Why do most manufacturers recommend vertical grinding mills for processing lithium ore? What are the advantages of lithium ore vertical grinding mill?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-03-14

Lithium ore as a popular material in the new energy industry, lithium ore powder deep processing has become a topic of great concern, how to choose a suitable mill for their production line is important, the market has countless types of mill models, processing different materials choose a different mill, the required output is different, the choice of mill models are also different, then the lithium ore processing recommended vertical mill because of what reasons?

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

The efficacy of lithium ore grinding equipment directly affects the yield and quality of the ore powder, lithium ore grinding mill as the core equipment in the lithium ore grinding process, Liming Heavy Industries has launched a special LM vertical mill, integrating crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection, conveying in one, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line and improve the overall grinding efficiency.

When working, the main motor drives the grinding disc through the reducer, while the hot air enters the vertical mill body from the air inlet, the material falls in the middle of the grinding disc from the lower material outlet, and under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the middle to the edge of the grinding disc, and when passing through the grinding roller channel area on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding rollers, and the large piece of material is directly crushed, and the fine grain material is crushed by the extrusion to form the material bed for intergranular crushing.

The lithium ore mill has the following six advantages.

1、Low investment cost

Its own system is simple, covers an area of small, indoor and outdoor can be installed, greatly reducing the investment operating costs.

2、Low running cost

The materials are directly crushed between the grinding rollers and the grinding disc. The power consumption is low, and at the same time, because the roller and the disc are not in direct contact, there is less wear and tear, and the service life is extended.

3、Drying capacity

Internal hot water is in direct contact with the material, with its own drying function, more energy-saving, while the wind temperature can be regulated to meet the requirements of different humidity.

4、Simple and reliable operation

Equipped with automatic control system, remote control type operation, using an integrated device to avoid crushing impact and violent vibration.

5、Stable product quality

The materials are collected with the hot air after processing, and the residence time in the grinding cavity is short, which reduces repeated grinding and makes the product quality more stable.

6、Green environmental protection and low noise

Small vibration, low noise, good sealing, the system works under negative pressure, no dust overflow, in line with national requirements.

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