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Quartz stone sand production line equipment configuration, quartz sand production process

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-15

Quartz sand, as a mainstream glass raw material ore at home and abroad, belongs to a kind of feldspar, and its processing method and production line process affect the amount of its economic value, so how can we better produce quartz sand? The following is the quartz sand production line equipment and quartz sand production line process flow created by Liming expert team for you.

Quartz introduction and its use, quartz sand is a new compound stone with silica as the main component, hard, wear-resistant and high stability, also called silica, mostly presented as transparent or semi-transparent colorless, hardness level is 7, relative density is 2.65, with high refractory performance, quartz stone is crushed and sand making to form quartz sand, which is a very important industrial raw material.

Because of its chemical stability, good piezoelectricity, high melting point and high hardness, it is widely used in glass, chemical industry, casting, metallurgy, ceramics and other fields after processing. In recent years, with the decreasing natural sand and increasing mining restrictions, quartz is also used as the main raw material for the mechanism sand, which is widely used in construction, highway, railroad, airport runway and many other fields.

Quartz stone sand making production line

Quartz stone sand making production line

What is the process flow of quartz sand making equipment line? What equipment is needed? Quartz sand is crushed quartz stone to get different specifications of sand from 0-20mm, then the pre-sand making is an important part of quartz sand, and the flow line process contains four stages.

Feeding, coarse crushing equipment - vibrating feeder, jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher is used in the first process of quartz sand production line, which can process quartz sand to medium size at one time, optimized deep cavity crushing, digital analysis of the operation of each part, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved and the stability is higher. The quartz sand is put into the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, which crushes large pieces of material to about the same size as crushed stone.

Fine crushing equipment - cone crusher.

The cone crusher is a high performance crusher designed by absorbing modern technology and combining the performance of Chinese metal materials, mainly used for processing the second stage crushing and third stage crushing link of quartz sand production line.

Quartz stone sand making production line

Quartz stone sand making production line

Sand making equipment-VSI5X sand making machine.

VSI5X sand making machine is a new generation sand making machine developed in the spirit of improving energy utilization, reducing wear rate, prolonging maintenance cycle, reducing maintenance time consumption, improving crushing efficiency and control level, with energy saving, high output, high energy utilization, excellent product granularity, easy maintenance and overhaul, used in this section of sand making and shaping in quartz sand production line.

Sand washing process: In order to improve the degree of refinement of quartz sand, the sand washing machine is generally used for cleaning before the whole process can be completed.

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