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How to pass the environmental assessment of crushed stone and sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-16

In the context of stricter national requirements for environmental protection, more and more stone crushing equipment began to develop in the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. Machinery seize the opportunity of the times and adapt to market changes. Under the call of the development concept of green and environmental protection, the environmentally friendly stone production line is launched. So how to configure the crushed stone sand production line to pass the environmental protection review?

Want to pass the environmental review, green forward on the road a crushed stone sand production line in line with environmental production, in line with the environmental production equipment is indispensable! Crushed stone sand production line is divided into fixed operations and mobile sand making operations of two kinds.

Mechanized sand production line

Mechanized sand production line

1、Fixed operation gravel sand production line equipment.

Coarse crushing equipment - jaw crusher, the practicality is relatively strong, whether in the sand production line, or in the crushing production line are in the are used as the main primary crushing equipment, especially for processing raw materials larger volume, the equipment feed opening large, through the deep cavity crushing will be crushed into materials between 35-225mm stone, the whole operation is well sealed, there will not be A large amount of dust will not occur.

After coarse crushing, the stone needs to be finely crushed again. Cone crusher as a fine crushing equipment, through the lamination of crushing materials, coupled with a multi-cavity type, can be finely crushed into small stones between 10-20mm, the structure is designed with hydraulic lid opening device, can prevent the dust in the fine crushing operation splash, to achieve the operation of less dust, reduce the noise of environmental protection production.

Sand making equipment-sand making machine, is the key equipment of sand making production line, the equipment adopts pulse dust removal design, so that the dust in production can be treated by self-circulation to reduce the amount of dust and make the whole sand production with less dust pollution.

2、Mobile operation gravel sand making production line equipment.

Mobile gravel sand production line equipment only needs a movable crusher will feeder, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor installed together, configured into a mobile sand production line, directly deep into the construction site, can make sand operations at any time, at any time to transfer, will not worry about strict inspection of environmental protection, the whole machine is like a flexible mobile sand production line, remote control operations, the whole machine sealing effect is good, can meet the green sand production Requirements.

sand and gravel production line

sand and gravel production line

With the environmental protection equipment can pass the environmental assessment?

Only environmental protection equipment or not enough, dust removal, noise, waste water and other treatment is also the whole production line environmental protection issues, the following look at how the customer passed the environmental audit.

Upgrade the production line from open air to indoor production line; choose environmentally friendly stone processing equipment; add dust collector and other dust and noise reduction configuration.

The above points, all of which are actually verified by the case, are very reliable environmental protection measures, and the environmental protection effect are very good.

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