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How effective is the sand making machine in processing marble, sand making machine features

zkj/ Release time : 2022-08-24

Marble, also known as metamorphic rock. It is so named because of the abundance of this rock in Dali County, Yunnan Province, China. It is formed from carbonate rocks by regional metamorphism or contact metamorphism. It is mainly composed of calcite and dolomite, but also contains wollastonite, talc, tremolite, diopside, plagioclase, quartz and magnesite. It has a granular metamorphic structure and a massive (sometimes banded) structure.

Marble has a wide range of applications. Marble is hard and easy to mine and work. Polished slabs are very beautiful and can be used as interior decoration; the waste from mining and processing can be made into artefacts or crushed to produce high quality aggregates such as terrazzo and brushed stone. The few that are dense and uniform in texture can be used for artistic sculpture and decoration. Marble is also an ideal material for processing high quality artificial sand. With the development of infrastructure in China, the demand for artificial sand and aggregate aggregates is on the rise and the market for marble artificial sand production is very promising.

In order to achieve the desired sand making effect, it is generally recommended to use impact sand making machine for marble, which is a high hardness stone. Also known as "shaping sand mills", impact sand mills offer high sand output rates, beautiful particle shapes, plastic features and good finished particles, thus increasing the commercial value of marble.

Impact sand making machine

Impact sand making machine

Sand making machine features

1、Good shape of the finished granules and low loss of wearing parts. 

The marble products crushed by the impact sand making machine are cubic in shape, with high capacitance and low iron pollution. The wearing parts are made of high quality wear resistant material, super hard and wear resistant. The grinding material has the advantages of light weight and easy replacement

2、Special seal, easy to operate

The lower end of the main shaft of the impact sand making machine adopts a special sealing structure, which has the advantages of reducing oil consumption and simple and convenient operation.

3、Optimized design, greater output

Combined material throwing head design, plus the deep cavity rotor after optimized design, so that the material throughput is increased, and the internal more smooth curve design, increase the mechanical capacity

4、Environmental protection and energy saving, easy maintenance

Impact sand making machine equipment noise is low, and less dust pollution, environmental protection effect is good, impeller and vortex crushing cavity material self-lining significantly reduce the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload, in the sand production line application is convenient

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