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The new policy of sand and gravel industry, construction solid waste sand making equipment is good

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-27

 The current sand and gravel market environment is poor, the state is also very concerned about this aspect, think of ways, policies, rectification and development. Sand mining remediation of the new policy, it is understood that on August 16, 2021, the General Office of the Ministry of Water Resources issued a "notice on the national river illegal sand mining special rectification action," the "notice" pointed out that illegal sand mining affects the stability of the river, endangering flood control, water supply, shipping and infrastructure security, endangering the ecological environment. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to it, and has repeatedly given important instructions and instructions to crack down on "sand bar" and the "umbrella" behind it, and to rectify illegal sand mining as an important element to deepen the rectification of key industry sectors, which has been incorporated into the normalized work of the central government to eliminate evil. Deployment.

For illegal sand mining vessels outstanding problems, local water administrative departments at all levels should be requested to the river and lake director to organize a comprehensive management of sand mining vessels, crack down on unlicensed sand mining or sand mining vessels not in accordance with the requirements of the permit; strictly investigate the documents are not complete, the ship does not match the sand mining vessels, especially no ship name and number, ship certificates, ship registration port "three no" sand mining vessels The ship is strictly prohibited to illegal modifications and construction of camouflage, hidden sand mining equipment sand mining ship. The seized "three no" and "invisible" sand mining ship to be dismantled according to law.

The development of the sand industry, recycled aggregates have good prospects

In the bulk of solid waste, the "14th Five-Year" period, China will vigorously promote the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste high-quality development, there are now relevant documents. It is mentioned that "by 2025, coal gangue, fly ash, tailings (co-associated ore), smelting slag, industrial by-product gypsum, construction waste, crop straw and other bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization capacity is significantly enhanced, the use of scale continues to expand, the new bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of 60%, the stock of bulk solid waste orderly reduction."

Construction waste, roads and other engineering construction cave slag ground sand, tailings waste rock and other solid waste resource-based comprehensive utilization of the production of sand and gravel aggregates, not only beneficial to the environment, but also become an effective supplement to the current sand and gravel market.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

The country supports the development of bulk solid waste reuse, our company produces equipment to help the production of recycled aggregates, relying on a strong R & D production base, cutting-edge technology research and development team and strong technical innovation capabilities, our company has crushing and grinding equipment suitable for the processing of construction waste, tailings, steel slag, slag and other materials.

K series tire mobile plant is a mobile production line suitable for small and medium production capacity, suitable for crushing, screening, shaping and sand making of various soft rocks, hard rocks and construction waste. It can sort, reject or crush the waste from construction waste "nearby" and reuse it as recycled resources. High flexibility of combination, the machine has 14 product line models and 5 carriages with 19 standard mobile equipment modules. It can meet the requirements of fast line formation and fast operation, and also save infrastructure and relocation costs.

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