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Which of the commonly used types of stone crushing equipment is better to use

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-31

As we all know, as an indispensable and commonly used material in transportation, construction, water conservancy, hydropower and other industries, how to make crushed stone with excellent quality to meet the various production needs of users, the types of crushing equipment on the market are constantly enriched. Which equipment type is suitable for crushing stone? What is the quality? The following is a brief introduction.

What are the equipment for crushing stones?

The common crushing equipment are jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. Generally speaking, impact crushers are more often used for crushing stone. Impact crushers are superior to other crushers in crushing stone. Simply put, it is a stone to stone principle that allows the stone to accelerate with the passing impeller during its natural fall. The thrown stones collide with each other to achieve the purpose of crushing.

These types of crushing equipment have different working principles and scope of application, each with its own characteristics, mainly introducing the impact crusher.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher adopts the advanced selective crushing and deconstruction crushing principle, which directly applies enough kinetic energy to the material and converts the kinetic energy into the crushing energy needed to overcome the material and crush it through impact. In this case, the material basically breaks along its basic texture surface and deconstruction surface, with good grain shape and low self-consumption, realizing the working principle of stone to stone. Impact crusher is used for fine crushing operation and also for shaping operation in stone processing to improve stone quality. It has high output, good efficiency, green and more energy saving.

Which is the more advanced of the many crushers in crushing stone?

Mobile Stone Crusher

Mobile Stone Crusher

When it comes to stone crusher, mobile stone crusher not only has the advantages of high output and durability of traditional stone crusher, but also integrates modern, convenient, environmental protection and energy-saving features. He can also ride on the sand and gravel quarry in various environments. The output can reach about 50-700 tons per hour when running as a single machine. His grouping machine is very flexible and versatile, and can be matched according to the different needs of users to meet their production needs.

What is the quality of crushing stones? Both impact crusher and mobile crusher have uniform size of finished material, beautiful grain shape, high production efficiency, easy operation and environmental friendly production environment. In general, both crushing plants are good choices.

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