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Investment in sand and gravel plants need to use what equipment, how much money to open a sand plant

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-31

The mechanism sand market is hot, want to start a sand farm, I do not know about how much money is needed, their own money is enough? What do you need to do to prepare? Take what process is also unclear, two eyes are black. As a machine manufacturer, to talk about the approximate process and budget.

What do you have to do to prepare for the opening of a sand farm?

1. to do the formalities, the need for business sector name, the Authority for approval, the Environmental Protection Agency assessment, the business sector for business licenses, tax registration certificate for a series of procedures such as environmental protection certificate for processing

2. Buy equipment. Determine how large you want to run the sand farm, how much production, to manufacturers consulting, you can compare more understanding.

3. Find a site, looking for labor. Find a site to get good plumbing and electricity, equipment installation, looking for labor, you can carry out the work.

4. understand the maintenance and other aspects of the problem, so that the machine has a problem, you can find a repairman in time.

Sand and gravel plant equipment

Sand and gravel plant equipment

How much money do you need to invest to start a sand farm?

1. to do the formalities, the cost of this process requires about 20,000 to start

2. equipment costs, this is a major item, need 100,000 to start, according to the scale of the sand farm, the site to determine the equipment.

3. If you need to rent a site, you need the site fee, in addition to transportation and utilities costs.

4. Labor costs, now the high degree of machine intelligence, labor can not use a lot, the cost is not so high.

5. machine maintenance costs, a set of reliable quality equipment can avoid many problems, low failure rate, saving maintenance costs, and will not affect the progress of production because of machine problems.

Want to start a sand farm, is a good opportunity, mechanism sand prospects, some cities are developing, need a lot of sand and gravel resources, the country in the river sand and control is very strict, mechanism sand demand is very large. But the investment is not a trivial matter, to be fully prepared.

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