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What are the uses of talc powder and what are the types of grinding mills for grinding talc

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-23

Talc has a variety of uses, depending on the fineness of the processed, there are many areas of application, so if you have the idea of processing talc, you can learn about this article.

What kinds of uses do talcum powder have?

Talc can be used in wall painting, cosmetics, medicine and food, ceramics, rubber and plastics. Talc has physical and chemical properties such as fire resistance, lubrication, flow aid, acid resistance, anti-stick, insulation, good covering power, high melting point, chemically inactive, good luster, softness, strong adsorption, etc., so it is widely used, but these are generally processed before application.

In the field of cosmetics can be added to the toner and other cosmetics, with ultraviolet light blocking to enhance the sunscreen function; in the food and medicine, have to do with sugar coating, prickly heat powder, isolation agent; in the field of paper, adding talc, can make the paper smooth and delicate; in the field of plastics to add talc can increase the flexibility of plastic, pressure strength, to prevent deformation; in the field of ceramics, manufacturing a variety of industrial ceramics and electric porcelain when adding Talc, will make the calcined ceramic does not change color, whitening, smooth and delicate surface.

Talc powder so many uses, with what machine processing it?

Talc Grinding Mill

Talc Grinding Mill

To process talcum powder, we often use a grinding machine. There are many types of mills to choose from for processing talcum powder, and each mill has a different processing capacity, fineness of the finished output, size of the material to be ground, and moisture content of the finished output. And different fineness of the price of talcum powder also has a gap, ultra-fine talcum powder in the market price is higher, a little coarser talcum powder price is low, two different fineness of talcum powder price difference of dozens of times.

But we commonly use several kinds of grinding mill for talcum powder: Raymond mill, MTW series European version mill, LUM ultra-fine vertical mill, YGM series high-pressure suspension mill, etc. These are more common and suitable for talcum powder processing equipment.

The fineness of talc processed by Raymond mill and MTW European version mill is generally 200 mesh-325 mesh, and the output can reach 15 tons per hour. General talc processing with these two machines can meet the demand. If the fineness requirement is higher, you can consider LUM ultra-fine vertical mill, which can process talc fineness up to 2000 meshes or finer.

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