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Maintenance measures for stone crushers under low temperature conditions

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-25

1. Bearing maintenance - change lubricating oil, regular and quantitative lubrication:

In the process of crushing materials, because of the wear and tear, crusher bearings are easily damaged, so regular and quantitative lubrication, regular inspection and maintenance of bearings, lubrication system and other important parts, can effectively avoid the occurrence of downtime. In the process of use, pay attention to the adequacy of bearings and other lubricating parts grease and net, crusher when used for a long time to make, grease color becomes black, must be replaced in a timely manner to ensure that the friction surface lubrication degree, improve production efficiency. In addition, regular refueling can extend the service life of the bearings, winter equipment lubrication should pay attention to the use of low-temperature lubricants.

2. Replace the fuel oil - choose the diesel oil with lower freezing point:

Diesel oil is easy to wax at low temperature, viscosity increase, poor mobility, poor atomization, so that its combustion process deteriorates, reducing the power and economy of the diesel engine, in order to make the diesel engine work softly, reduce fuel consumption, should be selected with a lower freezing point of diesel oil. The general principle of selection is: the freezing point of diesel fuel is about 5℃ lower than the ambient mixing degree. When replacing, all filters should be thoroughly cleaned, the fuel filter element should be replaced, and the sewage from the oil-water separator should be released and cleaned.

3. Crusher cleaning-decontamination and decontamination, good pre-work:

Cleaning the construction machinery diesel engine, chassis, the appearance of the work device can play the role of descaling and decontamination, in the cleaning process can also be found in the devices, parts damage and oil leakage parts, for the next step of maintenance to do a good job in the preliminary work. It is strictly prohibited to use high pressure and high temperature water gun to flush the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially the electrical parts, so as not to cause damage.

Stone crusher

Stone crusher

4. Maintenance of cooling system:

If the equipment use area temperature is low, should choose lower than the minimum temperature of the place about 10 ℃ antifreeze, and have anti-corrosion, water scale, winter anti-freeze, summer anti-boiling role, once found in the water tank mud and sand sludge, should be removed immediately.

5. Maintenance of electrical equipment - frequent charging, maintenance of the motor:

Winter is coming, pay attention to frequent charging of the battery, which can keep the motor preheating device. Check the battery motor wiring, and electrolyte density, adjust the charging voltage of the generator, and maintain the motor.

6. Daily maintenance - stop at the right time, pay attention to cleaning:

In addition to the maintenance of bearings, wetting and changing system and other important parts, the daily maintenance of crusher equipment is also essential. In the daily production, must do regular maintenance, correct handling of the relationship between use, repair and maintenance, do not allow only use not maintenance or only repair not maintenance, to ensure that the crusher preparation is always in good performance state, can be put into operation at any time. When the weather conditions are bad, the production should be suspended in a timely manner, with linoleum cloth, etc. to cover the equipment, subsequent to this start production is required to pay attention to be timely to carry out equipment cleaning, the crusher parts of the dust, oil and dirt for timely cleaning.

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