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How does the EPC sand and gravel turnkey project work and how to invest in a complete program process for the production of mechanical sand

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-09

Want to invest in mechanism sand, but two eyes are dark, how to do? The prospect of mechanism sand is obvious to all, many people want to enter the sand and gravel industry, but suffer from not knowing much about the sand and gravel industry, do not know what kind of equipment to choose, and do not know how much the budget is appropriate, do not dare to try.

EPC project turnkey can be understood, should be able to help most investors, or some want to easily build plant investment, but do not want to run up and down, laborious investors. What is the total package? Including the preliminary production line design, site planning, infrastructure assistance, equipment installation and commissioning, operational training, etc., to fully help investors solve the problem of unfamiliar expertise and lack of understanding.

The general equipment flow of a crushing production line is, stone → vibrating feeder → jaw crusher → vibrating screen → impact crusher / cone crusher → vibrating screen → sand making machine → sand washing machine → finished mechanical sand. But this is only the process, but also need specific planning design and budget, EPC project turnkey can help you solve these problems. the specific content of the EPC project turnkey, first of all, the overall program planning, including production line equipment, staffing plan, plant office facilities, plumbing, HVAC equipment, dust and noise reduction sewage equipment overall planning layout, etc.; secondly, to purchase the required equipment, production line main equipment Secondly, we have to purchase the required equipment, the main equipment of the production line, transportation system, central control system, sewage treatment system, dust and noise reduction system, etc.; finally, we have to carry out the construction of the project, there are plant construction, production line equipment infrastructure, dust and noise reduction sewage system construction, equipment installation and commissioning, technical personnel training, etc. These EPC project turnkey are solved, the investor only needs the funds in place.

EPC project turnkey

EPC project turnkey

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