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Causes of oil leakage in cone crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-26

cone crusher is one of our common crusher equipment, in the daily maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, often stressed is lubrication, lubrication is like the "blood" of the equipment. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. However, when we operate, we may find that the crushing equipment has the phenomenon of oil leakage, so these phenomena appear from what causes it, we only in the case of understanding these causes to repair the problem of oil leakage, do a good job in this area of preparedness. What are the common causes of oil leakage? Next, I will analyze the causes of oil leakage in the daily production of cone breakers for you.

A. Seal device failure

In production, we should pay attention to check the wear and tear of the O-shaped seal ring between the drive shaft frame and the main frame, the nylon seal ring between the oil collector and the oil dump ring, and the O-shaped seal ring between the oil dump ring and the drive shaft, because these parts will be deformed by wear and tear after long-term use and lose the elasticity required for effective sealing, and the failure of the sealing device will lead to the problem of oil leakage from the equipment.

Cone Crushers

Cone Crushers

B. Oil return pipe blockage

The reason for oil leakage may also be that the oil cannot be discharged quickly from the equipment, especially when the oil temperature is low, so in production, attention should be paid to check whether there is spoil in the main oil discharge hose or pipe, and whether there is spoil in the long hole of the drive shaft frame under the drive shaft, otherwise the accumulation of spoil will impede the flow of oil, thus leading to oil leakage from the cone crusher.

C. Improper working pressure

The lubricating oil enters the lower part of the main shaft through the lubricating friction disk from the oil inlet pipe. If the working pressure of the cone crusher lubrication system is not appropriate, the oil will be sprayed out from the shaft gap, causing the lubricating oil to leak down along the outer circle of the sealing cylinder.

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