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Steel slag how the secondary use, grinding processing steel slag grinding mill equipment types

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-29

Steel slag is a kind of industrial solid waste produced in the process of steel making, which contains many kinds of components and can be used for secondary comprehensive utilization of resources. The national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" development plan points out that the comprehensive utilization rate of steel slag should reach more than 86%, however, China's current comprehensive utilization rate of steel slag is far from the plan. With the rapid development of the steel industry, China's steel slag production is rapidly increasing,steel slag secondary comprehensive utilization is also imminent. Have steel slag do not know how to deal with? Steel slag grinding can be understood, you can buy a grinding mill for processing.

The secondary comprehensive utilization of steel slag can be applied in what areas?Steel slag has a variety of applications, we commonly have three general uses:

Steel Slag Mill

Steel Slag Mill

One use of steel slag is the production of cement and concrete admixtures. Steel slag can be used as a raw material for the production of clinkerless cement, clinker less cement and cement admixtures.

The second use of steel slag is to replace crushed stone and fine aggregates in road construction. The second use of steel slag is to replace crushed stone and fine aggregate in road construction, etc. Because steel slag's crushed stone has high strength, wear resistance and rough surface. It is a better material for road construction because it does not interfere with the electrical work of the railroad system and has good electrical conductivity.

The third use is to do new construction materials, engineering applications, can do new concrete, through the grinding of fine processing of steel slag, can be used as a mineral fine admixture, so that the grinding energy into the internal energy and surface energy of the slag powder, to enhance the steel slag coagulation.

Processing steel slag generally requires the use of grinding mills, steel slag grinding to a certain degree of fineness can solve the problem of poor ease of grinding, abrasive steel slag, after being ground steel slag has good hydration activity. It can be better applied to various fields.

According to the demand, there are vertical mill or ultra-fine vertical mill can be chosen, the hourly output within 200 tons, fineness requirements in 80-400 mesh, you can choose the vertical mill, this equipment set drying, grinding, grading, conveying in one, high capacity, low maintenance costs, processing steel slag is not under discussion; if the hourly output of about 50 tons, fineness requirements in 400-800 mesh, you can choose ultra-fine vertical Mill, this equipment has high capacity, high fineness, low energy consumption and is not only applicable to steel slag, but also suitable for processing a variety of stone materials.

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