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Lithium price rise? How to make a reasonable and effective beneficiation mining of lithium ore

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-19

Recently, gasoline prices have continued to rise. Many people are crying out that they can't afford to drive a car. As a result, they want to buy electric cars, only to find that the price of electric cars has also increased. The reasons for the short-term surge in the price of electric cars are many, such as steel, copper and other commodity prices, chip supply shortages, the key reason is the exponential growth in the price of lithium batteries. The price of lithium carbonate at the beginning of last year was only 50,000 yuan / ton, the recent price of lithium carbonate rose to 510,000 yuan / ton, an increase of 10 times, the price of electric cars naturally also rose.

Recall the periodic table of chemical elements: hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, lithium in third place, belongs to the lighter metals in nature. This light metal is extremely versatile, mainly in smelting, refrigeration, atomic energy, aerospace, welding and other fields, of which lithium batteries are well known, whether it is a cell phone battery or tram battery, basically lithium batteries. At present, the use of lithium has been very large. The future is the world of new energy. The application prospect of lithium will be even broader, and the demand will be even greater. The situation that supply exceeds demand will exist for a long time, and the price of lithium will naturally rise.

In nature, lithium does not exist in monolithic form, but in the form of lithium ore or lithium salt, mainly in the form of lithium pyroxene, lithium mica and phosphate ore. Chile, China and Argentina all have relatively large reserves of lithium, and Bolivia in South America has more abundant reserves.

In order to obtain usable lithium, a complex beneficiation process is required between mining and smelting. The beneficiation results in a higher grade lithium concentrate. The beneficiation process of lithium ore mainly includes crushing, grinding and sorting.

Lithium ore processing mining site

Lithium ore processing mining site

Crushing is to turn large pieces of lithium ore into small pieces to meet the particle size requirements of the next process. According to the crushing size can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.

The impact and grinding of the grinding minerals themselves in the mechanical equipment, so that the lithium ore is dissociated from the vein minerals to a large extent, so as to provide the next beneficiation process to meet the required material particle size.

Sorting, also known as lithium ore separation or sorting, is the use of certain beneficiation methods to separate the useful minerals in lithium ore from the vein minerals and different useful minerals, and the sorting products include lithium concentrate and lithium tailings.

In the process of crushing, grinding and sorting, many professional mining machinery equipment are needed, such as jaw crusher for coarse crushing, cone crusher for medium and fine crushing, Raymond mill and vertical mill for grinding, etc.

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