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Complete production line equipment for making sand from stone

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-01

Stone made into sand for the benefit of millions of families. Sand is an indispensable raw material in the production of building construction, mechanism sand as the long-term trend of the future sand and gravel market, making a large number of investors competing to enter. That stone wants to make sand, only need to use the crusher on the line? Do you need to use other machines?

Strictly speaking, only the crusher can be used, but the crusher does not mean a single, a crusher. To make sand from stone, multiple crushers need to work together to crush it into real sand. This requires a mechanism sand production line.

What crushers are needed for a mechanism sand production line? First of all, if the stone is very large, you need to use jaw crusher for coarse crushing, that is, the first large stone, crushed into medium-sized stones, medium-sized stone specifications can enter the next crushing, you can enter the second crushing, that is,cone crusher cone crusher will be medium-sized stones, crushed to smaller specifications, you can enter the third crushing equipment - Sand making machine, sand making machine is actually also crusher, it is called impact crusher, only we often call it sand making machine, sand making machine out of the finished product is the sand. So only the crusher is able to complete the sand making process, but also need other auxiliary equipment to do the transfer of sand and screening work, it is not possible to human to carry the sand back and forth. So the main crushing equipment can be used only to the crusher, but other auxiliary equipment is also needed.

stone sand making

stone sand making

So what kind of stones can be used for sand making? In fact, most of the stones we see can be made into sand, such as river pebbles, granite, limestone, cobblestone, basalt and other stones are good materials for making mechanism sand, some solid waste, industrial slag and waste stone, construction waste, etc., can also be used to make mechanism sand. But like weathered rocks and some soft rocks are not allowed to make mechanism sand, these sands are brittle in nature, which will affect the sturdiness of concrete and is a time bomb placed in concrete. So when we make mechanism sand, we still choose cobblestone, river pebble, lime stone, granite and other stones with stable nature and hardness up to standard to process, in order to better make high quality mechanism sand.

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