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Construction waste reuse micro powder preparation process

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-02

In recent years, Guangdong, Beijing, Hubei Xiangyang, Jiangxi Fuzhou and other places have introduced policies to promote the resource utilization of construction waste, the use of construction waste for grinding production is a proven way. In the background of "double carbon", the construction of "harmless" city has been imminent, and recycled fine powder as an important way of construction waste resource utilization, in a variety of recycled concrete, mortar, blocks, inorganic road mixes and other fields have a broad application prospects.

Construction waste

Construction waste

The production process of construction waste recycling fine powder:

First, the large pieces of construction waste are crushed into smaller particles at one time with a large crusher, then the impurities such as steel, wood chips and plastic are separated from the construction waste by wind and magnetic separation, and then the impurities in the construction waste are sieved out for the first time by manual screening, and finally the silt on the surface of the pieces is removed by water washing and other methods. The clean construction waste fragments are fed into the secondary crusher, and then the coarse and fine aggregates of different sizes are screened by the screening system, and then ground into powder by the special grinder, so as to get the recyclable construction waste micro powder.

Our company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of recycled micro powder of construction waste, which promotes the resourceization of construction waste and realizes the goal of "waste-free city" under the background of "double carbon". It is a new type of high-efficiency crusher integrating crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, which can realize the recycling of microfine powder in construction waste and promote the green and healthy development of national industry.

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