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What equipment is needed to invest in the construction of an environmentally friendly sand and gravel production line?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-05

In recent years, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in general or has been in a growing trend, in this environment of rising demand, many investors look at this market, want to invest in a sand production line, but now the environmental protection check is strict, the need to build an environmentally friendly sand production line to ensure stable operation. Here is a brief understanding of what equipment is needed to build an environmentally friendly sand production line? How much is the investment?

At present, the country is more strict in environmental protection, pay more attention to environmental issues. That we build sand production line facing environmental pollution problems are mainly two, noise pollution and dust pollution. According to the needs of the state and customers, equipment manufacturers are also trying to solve the environmental problems, taking measures such as building closed plants, installing dust removal devices or spraying devices to prevent pollution.

Jaw crusher is the representative of coarse crushing equipment, which can crush a variety of ores and rocks in coarse and medium crushing, with higher stability and crushing efficiency, large crushing cavity, long service life and low failure rate, which is the common equipment for coarse crushing.

Cone crushers are generally recommended for use in the medium and fine crushing stages. With strong crushing capacity and high output, because this equipment parts are more durable and not afraid of wear and tear, it is more often used to crush medium-hard materials. For example, river pebbles, granite, basalt, etc. are suitable for crushing with cone crusher.

impact crusher also belongs to the two-stage crushing to three-stage crushing equipment, can be placed behind the cone crusher to do three-stage crushing, but also can do two-stage crushing equipment alone, crushing some low hardness ore. Such as lime stone, limestone and other stones with low hardness. This equipment has low cost, good sealing of valve body, good granularity of finished product, less dust, and can meet the demand of energy saving and consumption reduction of customers.

Environmental protection sand and gravel production line

Environmental protection sand and gravel production line

The sand making machine has two working principles of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron". It can crush and shape most of the materials that meet the feeding requirements, and is controlled by PLC and intelligent instrumentation, which can realize fully automatic lubrication control and regulate the lubrication temperature. Provide good working conditions for the bearing work. With the characteristics of energy saving, wide application and long service life, it can meet the national requirements of environmental protection and production capacity.

These four machines are the main equipment for building an environmental protection sand and gravel production line, and need to be equipped with auxiliary equipment to cooperate with the completion of the production line.

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