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What are the uses of sand and gravel aggregate made of crushing and sand making process bentonite

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-05

Bentonite is the raw material for making cat litter, this raw material has the characteristics of bonding, adsorption, catalytic, very suitable for making cat litter, nowadays pet cats are prevalent, many people have the habit of keeping cats, and in the city, keeping cats, it is inseparable from the cat litter this cleaning material, bentonite cat litter is more commonly used cat litter, moisture absorption is very strong, so the prospect of bentonite cat litter is very broad. That processing bentonite cat litter are required which equipment? How much does the investment need?

Cat sand, as the name suggests, is also a sand, so the need to use sand making machine but not only to the sand making machine this kind of machine, sand making machine is the last step in the production of this raw material, general cat sand production needs to be used, bentonite coarse crushing equipment jaw crusher, impact crusher, and sand shaping equipment - sand making machine, we briefly understand what these machines are the role of the following.

bentonite sand making machine

bentonite sand making machine

The first need for coarse crushing jaw crusher will be used to crush the large bentonite, after crushing the open bentonite, diameter of about 100mm. There are many models of jaw crushers available, with different output sizes and feed sizes. You can choose according to their own materials and production; secondly, you need to use the impact crusher, after a crushing to the size of the appropriate size of bentonite through the conveyor belt into the impact crusher. Because the bentonite cat litter hardness is not high, so choose the impact crusher on the line. Discharge finer, grain shape is also more uniform; Finally, the use of sand making machine, after two crushing bentonite, shaping again, crushed to a smaller size to meet the size of cat litter needs, sand making machine can also be adjusted to meet different discharge size requirements.

Investment in a set of bentonite cat litter processing equipment, it takes more than 100,000 to a million, according to the equipment model, production capacity and other reasonable configuration of bentonite cat litter processing line. More and more people have cats, the elderly, young people like to keep cats, is a kind of trust, but also a kind of companionship. So it seems that the bentonite cat litter processing industry has a very broad prospect, is a good investment direction.

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