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Maintenance of jawbreaker liner parts and replacement cycle

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-08

The question about how long is the service life jaw plate of jaw crusher, the service life of jaw plate depends on the production and manufacturing time and destruction level, the service life and damage level of crushing different raw materials are also different. So how often does the jaw plate of jaw crusher need to be changed?

How often does the jaw plate of jaw crusher need to be changed?

The jaw plate of jaw crusher needs to be replaced once a year in general, if it is used for crushing dolomite, it can be changed once every 2 years, for details, please leave a message online or after-sales service. The basic working principle of Jaw Crusher is to carry out crushing according to the continuous approach of the moving jaw to the fixed jaw, and then to crush the raw materials falling into the crushing cavity, the thrust plate structure has a vital effect when pushing the moving jaw, and is the key transmission system component of the jaw crusher. The thrust plate structure is a critical component of the drive train of the jaw crusher, and at the same time is harmful to the discharge opening specifications of the jaw crusher. The thrust plate can be damaged by long-term application and needs to be removed and replaced when damage is evident to ensure smooth manufacturing.

Crusher Liner

Crusher Liner

How to maintain the jaw crusher and extend the service life

The maintenance of jaw crusher should often pay attention to and improve the wetting work of the friction surface, which can ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher and prolong the service life of the machine and equipment.jaw crusher the lubricating grease used should be based on the crusher's application address, temperature and other criteria to make a decision, generally can use calcium-based, nano-based or calcium-sodium-based lubricating grease. In addition, the maintenance of jaw crusher should also pay attention to add the lubricating grease inside the bearing with seat for 50-70% of the capacity, every three months to remove and change the oil, change the oil when using clean car gasoline or gasoline to carefully clean the rolling bearing roller field. When the elbow plate and elbow plate pad touching, crusher must introduce grease before starting.



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