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Causes of increased wear of grinding mill rollers

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-14

Grinding mill is the main equipment in the current steel slag, slag and other grinding process, and the grinding roller as the most important parts of the mill, its performance directly affects the grinding effect of the mill. So what are the causes of grinding mill grinding roller wear? Today, we will mainly introduce the causes of grinding roller wear, prevention in advance to avoid prolonging the work period.

Factors affecting the wear of the grinding rollers

1, the quality of the mill grinding rollers, poor quality caused by the phenomenon of wear too fast, is the fundamental cause of mill wear; after the opening of the mill, poor quality bearings, vibration situation is obviously large, and the feeding volume is low, it is easy to lead to bearing damage, in order to reduce bearing damage after the interruption of the entire vertical grinding system, must use good quality bearings to reduce the tedious process, affecting the process of work.

2, the problem of ease of grinding of raw materials, which affects the processing difficulty of mill, but also an important reason for faster wear; in general, the material fatigue wear resistance increases with the increase in surface hardness, and once the surface hardness crosses a certain value, the anti-wear performance will decline, for the grinding rollers, involves regular mechanical processing of the surface roughness, so when improving the hardness also need to Consider the machinability. The hardness of the core of a metal part has a certain influence on fatigue wear resistance. Under certain conditions of external load, the higher the hardness of the core, the smaller the risk of fatigue cracking, and the larger radial force the grinding roller is subjected to when working, the roller body needs to have a certain toughness, and the core is generally made of gray cast iron. Therefore, the core hardness should be reasonably increased, but it cannot be increased indefinitely, otherwise the toughness is too low and cracks are easily produced.

Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill

3, the balance between the grinding rollers, which is mainly due to the installation of the mill, the balance between the grinding rollers is not well adjusted or production of certain reasons caused by the change in the balance, this phenomenon of poor balance will cause the wear of the grinding rollers and discs to accelerate the phenomenon.

4, grinding rollers and grinding disc fatigue operation, this is one of the phenomena that need to be prevented in production, some customers in order to pursue production, increase the running time of the equipment, this time the internal parts of the mill in a fatigue state, so the phenomenon of wear and tear can not be avoided.

5, grinding roller lubricant oil on the amount of insufficient, will make the grinding roller and bearing friction between serious, generating a lot of heat, can not be distributed out in a timely manner, poor lubrication effect and thus affect the operation of the machine, reducing its service life.

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