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Lithium pyroxene crusher, grinding mill equipment manufacturers recommended

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-15

In recent years the widespread use of new energy vehicles has made lithium pyroxene extraction lithium industry more and more popular, lithium resources can be applied widely used in new energy vehicle batteries, hearing aids, pacemakers and other electronic devices, especially in the military, metallurgy, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other fields, providing unlimited energy for the progress of society, then how lithium pyroxene is turned from ore into a battery class that can be used directly The essence of the resource is the lithium pyroxene raw material for crushing treatment and clinker grinding process to extract lithium, I will introduce the equipment manufacturers manufacturers that can meet the production and processing requirements today.

Lithium pyroxene crushing and grinding process flow chart

Lithium pyroxene crushing and grinding process flow chart

A, lithium pyroxene crushing equipment are required to prepare what?

The freshly mined lithium ore needs to go through the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, then through the vibrating screen for screening and transported to the coarse crushing cone crusher for further crushing, and then through the fine crushing cone crusher for another crushing, after the discharge size reaches 0-15mm, it can be directly sent to the mill for processing.

B, lithium pyroxene grinding equipment are required to prepare what?

Liming Heavy Industry Technology recommends you a main star equipment - LM series vertical roller mill, which integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying in one, with simple system, compact layout, small footprint, stable quality of finished products and high precision of powder selection, which can meet the requirements of new energy field for high precision processing of lithium mica. Compared with other mills, the vertical mill is wear-resistant and durable in lithium pyroxene powder processing. After lithium pyroxene is roasted at high temperature, the problem of high clinker entry temperature is more harmful to the general mill, and the vertical mill is made of high temperature resistant materials and comes with hot air system, which can reduce the damage of high temperature materials to the machine.

C, what are the good manufacturers of lithium pyroxene crushing and grinding?

The market production of mining crushing and grinding manufacturers are numerous, want to kill in many manufacturers, it must have their own industrial characteristics, Liming heavy grinding equipment manufacturers in the mining crushing industry has more than thirty years of history, is a set of production, sales and transportation in one factory, which has more than dozens of mining crushing equipment, including coarse crushing, fine crushing, grinding equipment and ancillary equipment, adhere to the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, product design and manufacturing process strictly implement international standards. In terms of management system, there are product quality responsibility system, product quality accountability system, safety production management system, etc.; in terms of management tools, the use of QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis for quality control work; in terms of training staff quality concept, 6S management, quality analysis meeting, quality walk and other three quality theme activities go hand in hand.

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