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Front-end crushing process for high ice nickel

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-20

High ice nickel is nickel concentrate by electric, converter primary smelting of nickel, copper, cobalt, iron and other metals eutectic. Used in the production of electrolytic nickel, nickel oxide, ferro nickel, nickel-containing alloys and various nickel salts, special treatment can also be used directly in steelmaking, conductor nickel strip material, is the material used for the connection between the positive and negative electrodes of the electric cell and the battery protection plate, etc. Mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen, nickel batteries, combination batteries and instrumentation, telecommunications, electric vacuum, special light bulbs and other industries. From high ice nickel to the medium used to make the connection between the positive and negative electrodes of the cell and the battery protection plate, there are many levels of process in between. Today, I would like to introduce the front-end crushing process - the process of the freshly mined raw ore being crushed into the appropriate size of gravel.

High Ice Nickel

High Ice Nickel

The primary stage of the crushing process requires the use of a jaw crusher

It is characterized by large feed opening and strong crushing force, and can handle up to hundreds of ores. The key components of the equipment are the movable jaw with fixed tooth plate front and rear thrust plates, etc., made of manganese steel and cast steel, which can effectively extend its maintenance cycle to about 4-24 months while withstanding the material impact in the coarse crushing stage.

After the coarse crushing, the ore needs to be crushed twice, we recommend the impact crusher.

It is suitable for processing ores of medium hardness or less, such as limestone and pyrochlore. It mainly relies on the rotor to drive the hammer head to hit the material to produce crushing, so the manufacturers pay extra attention to the quality of the hammer head and impact plate in the selection of materials and manufacturing, and strive to reduce the consumption cost.

The complete crushing process is as follows:

Feeding: The mined ore is transported to a silo and later falls onto a feeder to be fed evenly into the jaw breaker;

Coarse crushing: the jaw crusher is usually responsible for processing the ore with a particle size of about 1 meter into blocks of up to 60 centimeters;

screening: to avoid blockage in the medium crushing plant, a vibrating screen is used to check the size of the stone between the two crushing processes;

Medium crushing: the conveyor transports the coarsely crushed stones into the impact crusher or cone crusher, by which they are processed into stones of 5 - 60 mm;

Screening: The vibrating screen is responsible for separating the finished stones of different sizes, and if there is any non-conformity will be returned to be crushed again.

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