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What kind of mill can be used to process steel slag into 1000 mesh fine powder?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-21

What is the future of steel slag powder production? Iron and steel industry and coal power industry in recent years the pursuit of production capacity, and environmental protection requirements to enhance, mineral powder, fly ash and other traditional auxiliary cementing materials are increasingly scarce, resulting in rising prices, and steel slag powder as an alternative to traditional auxiliary cementing materials gradually received attention and attention, which is also an important direction for the efficient and large-scale application of steel slag. China's annual steelmaking emissions of more than 10 million tons of steel slag, but people's knowledge of steel slag powder is still stuck in the difficult grinding, low activity and poor stability and other problems, in fact, a large number of experimental results show that steel slag grinding after the comprehensive use of high value, many cement plants, steel plants are considering the construction of steel slag micro powder production line, especially steel plants, can solve the accumulation of steel slag and reduce the cost of steel slag processing At the same time can also get the profit from it, is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. So what equipment is needed for the complete steel slag grinding process? In fact, the steel slag powder equipment choose vertical grinding mill on the right.

After grinding steel slag to a certain fineness can solve the problem of poor grindability and abrasiveness of steel slag, so that it has good hydration activity. Steel slag production micronized powder in the selection of suitable grinding equipment is the key link in the steel slag micronized powder process. It is right to choose vertical grinding mill for steel slag micronized powder equipment.

vertical grinding mill

vertical grinding mill

In the choice of steel slag grinding equipment, we recommend the use of vertical mill, this machine is an energy-saving mill equipment, crushing, drying, grinding, grading, conveying in one, can produce uniform quality, harmful substances dispersion, easy to post-modification and stimulate the activity of steel slag ultrafine micronized powder, especially in the large grinding process, can be achieved on a large scale, and stable grinding. Realize the low emission of steel slag treatment.

The steel slag treatment of Nantong Mineral Powder Machinery Plant selects X11 steel slag vertical mill X11 from Liming Heavy Industry, which is a product developed by Liming Heavy Industry following the trend of development of grinding industry at home and abroad, combined with the international modern design and manufacturing concept and market demand. It is suitable for large scale grinding process, which can deep process the steel slag produced in the process of steel making in the converter. The use of this vertical mill can meet the requirements of environmental protection, the whole machine in a sealed and negative pressure work, no dust overflow, and the use of the transmission system using planetary gear reducer, low noise.

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