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Is the price of environmentally friendly sand washing machine equipment expensive?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-22

As a substitute for natural sand mechanism sand has incomparable advantages, he has wide sources, more raw materials, low cost. Sand washing machine from the sky to solve the problem and protect the environment to meet customer needs.

The working principle of sand washing machine.

Sand washing machine is divided into spiral sand washing machine, wheel sand washing machine, drum sand washing machine and vibrating sand washing machine. Sand washing machine equipment is the stone processing equipment that sand and gravel quarries will buy, he can reduce the mechanism sand stone powder content, improve the quality of mechanism sand. As a cleaning equipment in the construction of infrastructure projects, with the development of time sand washing machine status and reputation is getting better and better. Different sand washing machine working principle is different, the following analysis one by one.

1. spiral sand washing machine mainly through the material according to the weight of the lower than the sink into the tank has a spiral conveying sweep trough discharge after the return sand and grinding machine to form a closed circuit re-grinding, light weight particles through the tank below the discharge so as to achieve the grading effect, and can remove the surface of the sand and gravel magazine.

2. Wheel sand washer is driven by electric motor and reducer, which drives the impeller in the tank to rotate continuously in the tank, thus stirring, turning and flushing the sand or slag particles in the tank, and then the material is discharged after dewatering in the impeller.

3. The drum sand washing is supported by four drag wheels, the motor drives the reducer, the big gear and the small gear drive the low vulgar rotation of the cleaning cylinder, the mud and stone powder are fed from the inlet and enter the drum. The cleaning drum has wear-resistant rubber liner with certain angle, in which he will circulate several times and wash with forward and reverse rinse water, and the cleaned aggregate is discharged at the discharge end through the screen and then dewatered. The wastewater containing sludge is discharged at the discharge or feed end through the porous baffle.

4. Vibrating sand washer consists of upper eccentric block, circular vibration, electric motor and other vibrating screening structures, which are connected to the vibration of the screen box through the circular vibration motor, and can automatically perform separation and cleaning with the help of the strong spring of the equipment.

Sand Crusher

Sand Crusher

Precautions and maintenance of sand washing machine.

Do not add more than the specified size of the material stone, do not reverse rotation, have enough light as lighting equipment, in case of emergency first stop the motor, empty the debris, no-load start. Staff technical level, correct and safe standard operation, remember to regular maintenance of the machine, sand washer bearing decontamination, lubrication, etc.. In the autumn and winter seasons should also be regularly cleaned up, and problems found in a timely manner repair and inspection, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The price and advantages of sand washing machine.

Sand washing machine in sand washing, compared with the traditional sand washing machine has significant advantages, its simple structure, stable performance, lubrication and maintenance, simple operation, long service life, simple application, good cleaning effect. It is suitable for construction sites, sand and gravel factories, glass factories, hydropower stations and other places. In the face of different prices for different customer requirements, the general price is about 100 - 400,000. Specifically related to the equipment requirements, specifications configuration.

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