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How can we extend the service life of the mill?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-07

Grinding mill work on the requirements of the particle size is very strict, and the mill's operating capacity is very strong, the grinding material hardness is high, the wear and tear on the components is also very serious, which leads to have to replace the wearing parts, so in the face of these circumstances, how can we do as much as possible to extend the service life of wear parts, reduce costs has become an increasing concern.

LM Vertical Roller Mill

LM Vertical Roller Mill

1, before the use and installation, to operate the machinery and equipment employees to carry out special training, enrich the skills of the staff, reduce the damage to the equipment due to human factors, while the process of machine operation, the need to arrange staff on guard.

2, to avoid overloading the mill, the work intensity of each piece of equipment is limited, too long running seems to enhance the capacity, in fact, the mill caused irreparable loss.

3, pay attention to regular inspection, can not wait until after the machine has failed to repair, to stage the maintenance of the mill maintenance, timely detection of abnormalities.

4, replacement parts to choose the regular original manufacturer, the original manufacturer of parts more in line with the requirements of the mill.

According to the above four points, so that we understand that in the daily need for correct, reasonable and safe to go for regular or irregular maintenance maintenance, pay attention to keep the machinery neat and tidy, mechanical performance testing, verification of abnormalities, check whether each part is loose, missing, to its timely adjustment, in short, want to ensure the life of the equipment, we must pay attention to the maintenance, repair, operation, manufacturing of equipment.

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