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How to deal with the uneven size of the mill discharge?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-08

Grinding mills are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral materials grinding processing. The fineness of the material processed by the mill is closely related to its impact on the market recognition, how to produce a good quality, green finished products have been imminent, both to meet the market demand, but also to meet the production conditions, it is necessary to choose the grinding equipment according to the actual situation, but in reality, there will always be uneven particle size of the material, what kind of solution for this phenomenon? Xiaobian lead you to learn.

5X series European intelligent grinding mill

5X series European intelligent grinding mill

For the mill uneven material to make the following summary.

1, the mill rollers and grinding discs due to long-term use, no timely maintenance, will suffer from wear and tear, thus affecting the fineness of the product discharge, these two components are the key hardware to determine the size of the grinding powder, has a direct impact.

2, the material to be processed material hardness of their own impact, the mill will work by the impact of the hardness of raw materials, especially in the equipment capacity, as well as grinding difficulty, finished product fineness several aspects, this impact may lead to uneven fineness of the finished product phenomenon.

3, whether the analysis machine impeller blade is subject to wear is also an influencing factor, when the blade wear, will lead to coarse material fineness, and then affect the quality of grinding, so be sure to regularly maintain the analysis machine impeller blade.

4, the analysis machine opening height, size is deployed to the best degree, the equipment is not carefully and accurately adjusted during installation, will also affect the fineness of the material.

The above is a summary of several common factors, the specific situation needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation, details can consult customer service staff, Liming Heavy Industry to provide you with one-stop service, free custom solutions for you, welcome to consult.

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