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Standardize the operation of the cone crusher method steps

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-11

Cone crusher is one of the indispensable equipment in the sand and gravel production line, which often serves as the role of secondary crushing, then how to use the cone crusher operation? The following small make up to tell you in detail:

First, the preparation of the cone crusher before starting:

cone crusher before starting to check whether all the screws and spring screws of the equipment are tight, whether there are debris around the crusher equipment. Secondly, check whether there are materials or debris in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher and clean the crushing chamber. Finally, check the tightness of the belt conveyor's triangular belt, and see whether the lubricating oil in the bearing seat is in the right amount.

Second, when the cone crusher starts:

Cone Crusher startup preparation are checked after the startup requirements in accordance with the startup signal to start the motor, in the startup, pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel, and do a good job of protection and preparation measures.

Third, the operation of the cone crusher:

Run the cone crusher without load for 1~2 minutes, feed the material only after normal operation, and feed the material continuously and evenly, and forbid other uncrushable materials and sundries to enter the crusher to prevent damage to the crushing equipment and cause accidents.

When Cone Crusher is running, any adjustment, inspection, cleaning and other work is prohibited to avoid danger. When the temperature of the bearings exceeds 70℃, it should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and deal with it properly, and it can be restarted only after treatment.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

Fourth, stop the cone crusher:

First stop feeding, let the cone crusher continue crushing work, until the remaining material in the crushing chamber is finished before stopping the cone crusher. When the material on the discharge conveyor is finished, the discharge conveyor can be stopped.

The above gives you an explanation of the use of cone crusher operation matters, even if the good cone crusher is not used correctly will greatly reduce the efficiency of the work, if in the use of cone crusher, cone crusher noise, it may be improper operation, so Henan Liming Heavy Industry Co. would like to remind the majority of users to standardize the cone crusher production operation in accordance with the requirements of the production. At the same time, the adjustment of the cone crusher feeding and discharging port also directly affects the cone crusher output. In short, it is necessary to rely on the correct operation of the cone crusher technician to use and use the cone crusher well.

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