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How to deal with construction waste effectively, construction waste crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2023-08-01

At the present stage, when we process the construction waste, it is mainly applied in the pavement base and foundation fill after recycling and processing the construction waste, as well as its production of concrete bricks and concrete blocks. Therefore, we need to introduce more effective construction waste crusher and apply it effectively.

1、Development towards lightweight and weight reduction:

The current screening machine and crusher have a certain processing capacity, however, because the equipment is bulky and the overall size is large, it is difficult to integrate to a platform, and it is difficult to give satisfaction to the basic requirements of the mobile crusher. Therefore, equipment with light weight and small appearance and size should be developed to ensure that construction waste can be handled more conveniently and flexibly.

2、Evolve towards automation:

When dealing with construction waste, there is a large amount of powder layer appearing in the air because of the noise and harsh environment, and the equipment will threaten the safety of workers under high speed operation. When dealing with construction waste, minimize the involvement of workers, so as to increase the degree of automation of the equipment, which will become an important equipment device for dealing with construction waste. 

mobile construction waste crusher

mobile construction waste crusher

3、Toward the perspective of diversified tasks:

In order to be able to better recycle the construction waste, we will be more strict with the recycling technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop more suitable construction waste treatment equipment, with the ability to screen and crush construction waste, to ensure that these recycled aggregates can be better processed, and then continuously improve the performance of recycled aggregates.

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