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Difference and advantage between dry sand and wet sand.

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-21

Dry sand: dry sand process is later than wet sand process, which is further launched on the basis of traditional wet sand production line. Dry sand production line is mainly composed of hopper, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, sand making machine, vibrating screen, elevator, powder selector, silo group and dust collector. Relative to the wet sand, in the mechanism of sand production process, for the sand in the mud powder to wash out the process does not need water, so it is called dry sand production line.

Wet sand: in the stone processing process, due to the intense collision and the stone itself has a certain amount of soil content, so that the mechanism of sand contains a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the quality of sand. The presence of stone powder can make up for the large gap caused by artificial sand in concrete, but the configuration of concrete requires a large amount of water. In order to solve the mechanism of sand containing powder this problem, in the mechanism of sand production line equipped with a sand washing machine, through the sand washing machine to remove the sand inside the mud powder, so as to achieve the standard of construction sand, this method is called the wet sand production line, what is the difference between the two compared to what, today I come to take you to understand.

First, dry sand and wet sand each has its own advantages

1. Different areas of use

In the south or areas with abundant water resources, wet sand production is generally used, wet sand production consumes a larger amount of water, each ton of sand and gravel material consumes about 2~3.5t of water, however, dry sand production is mostly used in cold, arid, rainy and other water-scarce areas.

2. Different environmental impacts

Dry sand production is characterized by dust pollution, equipment closure and strict dust removal requirements; wet sand production is characterized by water pollution and waste, and sewage treatment is a problem. However, with the development of technology, both production lines are equipped with corresponding treatment facilities, which minimize the pollution.

3. Different follow-up processing equipment

The processing equipment in the pre-crushing and sand making process is basically similar, and the main difference lies in the part after sand making is completed. Wet sand making adopts sand washing machine for cleaning, which reduces the soil content of mechanism sand, and the sand grains have a rounded appearance and beautiful quality; dry sand making machine uses powder selector equipment to realize the separation of sand and powder, and replaces the fine sand recycling device and wastewater recycling and utilization device with a dust collector, so as to reduce the dust pollution.

4. Difference in quality of finished products

Dry production of finished products is not as clean as wet production, poor sensibility; wet production of sand and gravel aggregates clean, good perception, good quality, but because of its finished product almost does not contain stone powder, the use of concrete will cause an increase in the amount of cement, the cost of production increases!

Second, the advantages of dry sand production line

For areas with cold weather, drought, little rain and insufficient water resources, the advantages of dry sand production line are very great.

The core equipment in dry sand making is dry sand making machine, which is suitable for different specifications of sand and gravel products such as coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, extra fine sand, etc., and can be directly used in a variety of industry construction without the need for sand washing; in addition, the structure of the dry sand making machine is more reasonable to assemble, and the production process is more smooth, not only less faults, but also the overall sealing of the whole tight, no oil leakage, no leakage of materials, the boot process can be controlled, and the production process is more convenient; in terms of environmental protection, the dry sand making line has the advantage of being able to produce more sand than the dry sand making line. The process is more convenient; in terms of environmental protection, to reduce the consumption of water in the wet production line, to avoid producing wastewater pollution, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Dry sand making system

Dry sand making system

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