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How to configure a complete crushed stone sand making production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-23

Crushing quarry equipment production line, also known as sand and gravel production line, mainly produces all kinds of sand and stone for construction of special production line equipment, and the development of infrastructure construction can not be separated from the sand and gravel aggregate, in recent years, the rise of the sand and gravel industry, the market more and more users began to choose to invest in the big sand and gravel industry, but for investors who have just entered the industry, how to configure a set of crushing quarry production line equipment? How much of an investment budget is needed? Undoubtedly is the focus of attention, based on this, the following article will provide you with an analysis.

How to configure a quarry production line equipment?

Nowadays, the construction of infrastructure and highways and railroads is in full swing, and the demand for 05, 12, 13 and other specifications of stone is high, so to speed up the release of sand and gravel production capacity and promote high-quality development, equipment selection and process design are crucial, for different types of stone hardness, humidity, feed, etc. are different, equipment selection will be more, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher Here are a few common stone crushing production line equipment configuration options provided by the technical team for your reference.

Gravel and sand production line

Gravel and sand production line

Option 1: Processing hard material stone

Equipment configuration: feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor;

Option 2: Medium hardness and soft stone

Equipment configuration: feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor;

Option 3: One-time crushing

Equipment configuration: feeder + heavy hammer crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor;

How much is a stone crushing production line?

How much does a stone crushing line cost? This depends on the actual production of the user to use the equipment model, quantity, site size and site can withstand the voltage size and other factors to measure the estimate, a set of crushing stone machine contains a variety of equipment, each user's own situation is different, different needs, production line equipment is also different, after all, different ratios selected under the price of stone crushing production line is not the same, plus, different origins from, different manufacturers The price positioning of the equipment under different brands is also different, so the specific stone crushing production line set of how much? Also need to consult the specific manufacturer in detail.

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