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Create green gravel production line, what environmental protection equipment can be configured

zkj/ Release time : 2023-08-21

How much does a set of environmentally friendly sand making equipment cost? Due to its advantages of low mining cost, convenient processing and good quality, mechanism sand has been gradually accepted by users in the mining market, gradually replacing natural sand which is scarce in resources. However, the production of mechanism sand requires a full set of equipment, and due to environmental governance issues, the sand production line needs to be green and environmentally friendly, otherwise it will be banned from production.

green production line

green production line

So now investment in sand production line, need to buy a set of environmental protection sand making equipment. Selection of environmentally friendly crushing, sand making equipment or to Liming Heavy Industry, because our equipment has long been added to the environmental protection technology, and now from a number of aspects to improve the environmental performance of the equipment, such as equipment sealing is higher, the use of fully sealed structure design, intensive dust removal design program, which can make the rate of dust removal of more than 90%, and no oil leakage around the equipment, oil seepage phenomenon; and there are dust collectors and fine sand recovery device, optional dust removal device, the sand production line needs to be green. There are also dust collector and fine sand recycling device, the optional dust collector can effectively reduce the dust pollution, and the fine sand recycling device can increase the output of finished fine sand and improve the efficiency of manufacturers.

Liming Heavy Industry sand making machine technology has been in the innovation and improvement, the production of sand making machine models are also more, to provide users with the mechanism of sand production equipment is not only practical and high quality, the price is also very fair, praised by many users at home and abroad.

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