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What are the three-stage open-circuit grinding equipment applied in the process of vanadium and titanium ore pulverization?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-21

Vanadium is an important chemical raw material with important applications in the steel, chemical and aerospace industries. Adding vanadium to steel can significantly improve the wear resistance, strength, hardness and toughness of steel. 0.1% vanadium can increase the strength of steel by 10-20%, reduce the organization of steel by 15-25%, and reduce the production cost of steel by 8-10%.

Vanadium and Titanium Ore

Vanadium and Titanium Ore

Three-stage open-circuit comminution process, i.e., coarse, medium and fine stages, is commonly used in our mineral processing plants.

The first stage of coarse crushing completes the measurement, crushing and transportation of the ore. The particle size of the product of coarse crushing is usually between 350-0 mm, and it enters the stage of medium crushing operation through a conveyor. Prior to medium crushing, an ore storage tank and a plate feeder are provided to control the feed and metering of the crushing unit; after medium crushing, the particle size is approximately 75 mm to 0 mm.

Pre-screening is usually provided before medium crushing to increase the capacity of the crushing plant and improve the crushing working environment; as the pre-screening is carried out in accordance with the particle size of the medium crushed products, the screened products will first fall on the tape conveyor so that the conveyor will not be damaged by the strong impact of the large pieces of ore falling after it.

Fine grinding is the last crushing process, to produce qualified finished products, choose vanadium and titanium ore grinding equipment for grinding, so it has high requirements. In open-circuit crushing, a pre-screening is usually set, and the product on the sieve is crushed again until it gets a product that meets the requirements of particle size, and then it is combined with the product under the sieve, which is the final crushed product. After fine grinding by vanadium and titanium ore grinding equipment, the iron ore usually has a particle size of 25-0 millimeters.

The ore has to pass through multi-stage crushing, multi-circulation, multi-slot storage and other processes to meet the mixing requirements, which has a crucial impact on the stability of the grinding and beneficiation process.

Ordinary ore particle size requirements: 325 mesh screen residue less than 1. 5%. Therefore, vanadium and titanium ore powder mill is a kind of mill to meet this processing condition, which is a kind of common mill. Vanadium and titanium ore powder mill is a kind of ring drum grinder, which relies on the gravity of the oscillating wheel, as well as the centrifugal force, the flattening and crushing effect on the iron ring to realize the crushing of the material.

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