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Can construction waste be reused as a substitute for stone?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-24

The living environment is gradually surrounded by high-rise buildings, one after another building rises, before the ground floor, small bungalows are facing the fate of demolition, those demolished small houses are also built brick by brick, they are worthless on this, can only become space-occupying construction waste? I take you to understand what are the benefits of reusing construction waste, especially its very attractive low-cost reuse.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

Construction waste refers to the abandoned soil, slag, discarded materials, silt and other wastes generated during the construction, laying or demolition and repair of various buildings, structures, pipeline networks, etc. by construction and construction units or individuals. 

As the construction waste is mainly inorganic non-metallic materials, and the content of calcium and silicon is higher and the strength is better, so it can partially or fully replace natural aggregates as the raw material of concrete. Compared with ordinary concrete, recycled concrete mixes have the advantage of low density, which can reduce the self-weight of buildings and improve the construction span, which is beneficial to the use in actual projects. In addition, the rough surface of construction waste, when used as aggregate, can make the mix in the mixing and pouring process of increased friction, effectively improving the compatibility and adhesion of concrete.

Construction waste is generally used as building foundation bedding or road base, which is more commonly used. It is also used to produce building material products such as block bricks, permeable bricks, paving bricks and new wall coverings. Also can be used instead of natural aggregates, this method is more valuable and recycled stone concrete belongs to green concrete.

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