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How to choose grinding mill for processing fluorite powder to 500 mes h?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-10

In recent years the proportion of mining stockpiles continues to rise, the market demand for fluorite powder is increasing, the past over-mining of fluorite ore has caused a serious waste of resources, the face of this situation how to deal with? Need to improve the technical content of the fluorite mill, improve the fluorite powder processing process caused by the phenomenon of resource waste.



The smaller the particles, the better its activity characteristics, the particles will be the best performance and performance, in line with China's energy saving and emission reduction requirements, fluorite mill particle size are above 500 mesh, which is a good choice.

Fluorite equipment ultrafine ring roller mill, as the name suggests, is a kind of fluorite ore grinding into ultrafine powder equipment, it has a high crushing rate, and can handle non-metallic minerals below 10 mm at the same time, one time can deal with the ore below 10 mm (qualification rate of 97%), and the powder below 3 mm accounts for more than 40% of the powder.

One fluorite equipment can produce dozens of tons of fluorite material, which is a kind of ultra-fine grinding costing between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, plus a set of pulse type dust removal system, which can make the production workshop of fluorite material reach a dust-free state, and the environmental protection is easy to pass.

Fluorspar is firstly crushed by hammers, and the crushed fluorspar is transported to the storage warehouse, and then transported to the cradle, and then transported to the cradle, and then transported to the cradle, and the motor in the cradle, through the deceleration device, drives the spindle and the rotary table to rotate, and the rollers at the side of the rotary table drive dozens of rollers to roll on the rollers in the mill ring, and the fluorspar falls into the mill ring, and then it is crushed by the rollers to crash, milling, and grinding, and then the fluorspar finally is formed in three rollers, and then it is pumped into the machine by a high-pressure blower is pumped into the machine, and then it is sucked into the machine again and again. In the powder selector, the rotating impeller can let the coarse fluorite material return for regrinding, and the fluorite material that meets the requirements will enter the cyclone collector with the airflow and be discharged by the discharging valve in its lower part, which is the finished product. And the airflow containing dust will be purified by pulse dust collector and then discharged through fan and muffler, and the whole grinding process will be completed.

What kind of grinder can be used to grind fluorite to 500 mesh? Generally speaking, 80~325 mesh fluorite can use vertical mill, 30~425 mesh fluorite can use high pressure suspension mill, 400~1800 mesh fluorite can use ultrafine mill.

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