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Working performance characteristics of 50 tons per hour stone grinding machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-09-20

Stone mill is mainly used for ultrafine powder processing of non-flammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness ≤ 6, such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, ilmenite, lherzolite, vermiculite, seafoam, bumpy barite, accretionite, diatomaceous earth, barite, gypsum, alumina, graphite, fluorspar, phosphorites, potassium ore, pumice and more than 100 kinds of materials, the output can be adjusted to 0.7-7.5 tons per hour. There are more than 100 kinds of materials such as phosphate ore, potassium ore, pumice, etc. The granularity of fine powder is adjustable between 325-3000 mesh, and the output can reach 0.7-7.5 tons per hour.

1. High efficiency and energy saving In the case of the same fineness of the finished products and the same motor power, the output is more than double than that of the air flow mill, stirring mill, powder mill and ball mill.

2. Long service life of wearing parts Grinding rollers and rings are forged with special materials, so that the degree of utilization is greatly improved. In the case of the same fineness of materials and finished products, the service life of the wear parts is 2-5 times longer than that of the impact crusher and turbo mill, generally up to more than one year, and the service life of processing calcium carbonate and calcite can be up to 2-5 years.

Stone Grinding Mill

Stone Grinding Mill

3. High safety and reliability Because there are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of bearings and their seals being easily damaged, and there is no problem of screws being easily loosened and destroying the machine.

4. High product fineness The product fineness can reach D97≤5μm at one time.

5. Environmental protection and cleanliness Adopting pulse dust collector to capture dust and muffler to reduce noise, featuring environmental protection and cleanliness.

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