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Process flow of bentonite grinding

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-20

Bentonite hardness is generally 1-2, belongs to the clay rock, is an important non-metallic minerals, its main mineral composition is montmorillonite, which is subdivided into sodium-based bentonite, calcium-based bentonite, natural bleaching clay, drilling mud bentonite and so on. The main processing has the following:

Drying: Because the bentonite water content is relatively large, the raw material needs to be dried to moisture less than 6%, after drying the block bentonite by a special vehicle transported to the raw material warehouse.

Conveyor: the dried bentonite elevated by the elevator to the storage hopper, storage hopper out of the drop and then by the feeder to feed the host evenly.

Grinding: The qualified products in the grinding process are screened by the screening system and then enter the collector by the pipeline, and are collected and discharged through the discharge pipe, which is the finished product, and the unqualified products fall into the host machine to be re-milled.

Powder collection: the powder with the fineness of the air flow through the pipeline into the powder collection system, gas and powder separation, the finished powder from the conveying device to the finished product silo, and then unified with the powder tanker or automatic baler for packaging.

Bentonite grinding process

Bentonite grinding process

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